Friday Evening Drinks!

5:30pm Onwards of Fridays we offer-

$4 Sparkling/Wines

$6 Spirits

$6 Coronas

2-4-1 Cocktails


And Free Entry into our Friday clubbing night, which commences from 10:00pm, if you’re still around :)

We’ve also got an extensive Cocktail Menu, as well as a variety of Tapas on request.

We’re located within very close proximity to Trams, Buses & Trains, and have ample parking around.







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Knock Down Rebuild Designers

Knock Down Rebuild Designers
Knock down rebuild designers play a crucial role in society, as they are literally cleaning up properties that need to be dealt with. Everyone has seen homes that are falling apart, have not been taken care of and neglected for a very long time and are completely dilapidated.
Knock down rebuild designers come in and remove these homes that are unpleasant to look at and give the actual property new life. A lot of people think that there is little that can be done with these types of properties, but knock down rebuild designers have another opinion. The bottom line is the fact that these homes are not going anywhere if they are not removed and replaced, so knock down rebuild designers have come to address the problem. If you don’t know what knock down rebuild designers are, they basically tear down properties that have homes and various other types of buildings that need to be cleared out for whatever reason.
The knock down rebuild designers from come in and remove anything that needs to be removed, setting in place the next step, which is to build a new home or structure on the property. In these few steps, knock down rebuild designers can take a property, piece of land, home, or any other area that needs to be cleared out and remove the unwanted structures, which are likely an eye sore to the rest of the area, and can replace them with a home or building that is going to give the property value again.

Custom Builder Melbourne

Custom Builder Melbourne

Make Your Dream House a Reality with a Custom Builder Melbourne

If you are looking for more than a cookie cutter home or you want a house that bears the stamp of your personality, a custom builder Melbourne can get the job done. You want to place your building project in the hands of an expert, someone who can take your vision and turn it into reality. A custom builder Melbourne aims to please you. You’ll work together during the planning stage to ensure that you get the results you want upon completion.

Make Your Investment Worth Your While
Building a home is a substantial investment. If you are going to get the most out of your project, you need a custom builder Melbourne. Anyone can buy a house that is already on the market or opt for a builder who has designed a home that is ready for purchase. A custom builder Melbourne will enable you to be a part of the process every step of the way. Feel the anticipation build as the custom builder Melbourne of your choosing draws up blue prints that match your dreams.

Watch Your Vision Take Shape
Once your Interline Constructions custom builder Melbourne is underway, you will be able to see the house rise up until you finally have a completed home. It is a long process, but it will be worth it when you get the home that suits your needs. Don’t settle for less than what you envision when it comes to building a home. A custom builder Melbourne will take your recommendations, explain what will work or won’t work, and carry through to completion. In the end, you’ll have the house that meets your expectations. A custom builder Melbourne will give you the right house for you.

Day Spa Melbourne Services Promote Optimal Health

Day Spa Melbourne Services Promote Optimal Health

Massage therapy is used to relieve a variety of health issues such as low back pain. Millions of people complain about lower back pain and seek their local day spa Melbourne for relief. Your massage therapist is educated in giving you a massage that is appropriate to your needs. Relax and enjoy the pampering, because you deserve to feel special. A visit to the day spa is the opportunity to release stress and worries of the day. 

Massage Therapy Benefits

Day spa Melbourne services are offered for both men and women to relax. Massage therapy increases circulation and is nourishing to the entire body. It also helps promote the release of toxins and other by-products that cause sore and stiff muscles. Many sports enthusiasts have a regular day spa Melbourne appointment for relief. 

When you arrive for your appointment, you therapist will ask you specific questions about any pain or soreness you have. They ask these questions to determine the most optimum treatment for your massage sessions. A weekly day spa Melbourne massage can counteract the effects of daily stress. Day spa Melbourne also offers a variety of beauty treatments for hair, skin and nails. 

A facial is a great way to improve the look of your skin. You should arrive a few minutes early for your appointment to change into a robe. You will be instructed to fill out a client history questionnaire and remove all jewelry. A basic facial will last approximately one hour with shoulder, chest, neck and face massage. You should breathe deeply to help yourself relax while receiving a facial. Make visiting the day spa a regular part of your life to keep yourself relaxed, happy and vibrant. The cost of spa services outweigh the risk of stress on your body.